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with abstract art


'Recovering Perfectionist'
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"Perfection's Fading Grip"

"From order to freedom"

"Pristine patterns"

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"Minimal art invites us to pause and discover. To look for beauty instead of perfection." 

Step into Catherine's artistic realm, where her abstract art invites you to slow down and immerse yourselve in the present.

Where each layer or brush stroke challenges you to explore the depths and beauty in your surroundings.

Where you feel the profound influence your environment has on your mood and mindset. 

"Artful mind wandering"

"Reflecting oasis"

"Glimpses of terracotta"

Meet the artist

Catherine Vanhullebusch is an abstract painter and psychologist residing in Brussels.

As a recovering perfectionist and over-thinker, she has rediscovered the joy of creating unique pieces, using her hands and intuition instead of her head.

Her minimal artwork is inspired by the limitless human capacity to design our own environment and life. 

"Meet me halfway"

"Searching for simplicity"

"No cracks, no glory"

Looking for some colour?

Want to infuse some energy into your room with a colourful piece of art? Check the bold collection. It contains audacious artworks in a wide range of powerful colours.


Free mockup: See my art on your wall

You have an empty wall, but you're not sure if your favourite artwork would look good in your home?

Email a straight picture of your empty wall to . Tell me what the width of your wall is and which of my artworks you like most. 

I'll put my artwork on your virtual wall and email you the image. 
Free and without obligation to buy. 

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Want to collaborate?

Catherine loves to work with like-minded brands who share her creative passions. 

Whether your expertise lies in interior design, hospitality, art, travel, studio supplies or media, we welcome the opportunity to explore partnerships that align with our vision.

If you believe we could be a good match, we'd be delighted to hear from you.


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