Am I overthinking? Collection

Am I overthinking? Or... are they underthinking?

That's an interesting thought, don't you think? ;-)

I have to admit, I'm a chronic overthinker. I love thinking. I love complicated. But ... I also realize that most things in life are not created by thinking about it

So when I started creating the pieces for this collection, I asked my busy mind the take a looooooong break. And I started experimenting, deeply enjoying the process of creating with my hands.

Soon I realised that I was learning a lot faster by doing than by thinking. I tried different materials and techniques, until it just felt right.

I now proudly present the result of dirty hands and a lot of failed experiments : Am I overthinking? Collection.

I hope these paintings may be an eye catcher in your interior, and at the same time, a gentle reminder that it's ok to quiet your mind from time to time.