You can discover the perfect piece to complement your interior in my collection of abstract artworks. However, if the artwork you adore has already found a new home, or if your space demands a custom creation in a specific size or color, I’m here to craft something uniquely tailored to your needs.

When you commission an artwork, you can choose the size and colour palette - though it’s my pleasure to provide gentle guidance if you feel like you need it. I will do my best to understand your personal needs, but I will always create in my own style.

Please complete the request form below in as much detail as possible. There are no obligations at this stage. I will respond with a proposal, including the price and timing, as soon as possible. Upon your acceptance of the proposal, a 50% deposit will be invoiced, with the remaining balance due upon delivery.

Are you not sure yet what artwork would look great in your interior and are the questions below a bit overwhelming? No worries. Just fill out what you can, and we'll take it from there.

Do you want to visit my art studio first or do you have some questions? Please reach out to me on